Walk around Hayle

Photos from my May lockdown walk around Hayle

I took these photos during my lockdown walk around Hayle in May. There’s so much history and character in the town but its easy to drive by and miss it all, so it was great to have the time to appreciate just how lovely Hayle is.

The first part of my walk was from Fore Street to Hayle Terrace, taking in the lovely views over the estuary and Copperhouse Pool. I then continued on past Hayle library, with its very pretty reading garden and flower boat. Then past the rather imposing ‘village hall’ built by the Cornish journalist and philanthropist John Passmore Edwards.

I particularly love the corner of Hayle Terrace, where the brightly coloured terrace houses meet the stately St Elwyns church.

I finshed the first leg of my journey on the bridge heading towards North Quay.

I’ll post the second leg of my little walk in a few days time.

There’s so much history in Hayle that just one whistle stop tour doesn’t do it justice. If you’d like more details about Hayle’s interesting history, then please visit the fabulous Hayle Heritage Centre (opposite Asda)

If you’re a landlord interested in investing in this historic Cornish town, then please let us know. We don’t sell properties. This means that we’ll give you an impartial opinion based on what areas of the town and types of properties are the ones that rent out easiest and for the longest.

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