Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Latest Law Change for Residential Lets

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms  (England). Changes are coming into force from the 1st October 2022.

Current legislation

Since 1st October 2015, the law states that private rental properties must have:

  • At least one smoke alarm on every storey used as living accommodation
  • A carbon monoxide alarm must be in any room used as living accommodation that contains a solid fuel burning appliance  – e.g. wood burning stove.
  • Landlords must make sure all alarms are in good working order at the start of each new tenancy. 

Changes to the current legislation

  • From the 1st October 2022, carbon monoxide alarms will also be required in any room with any fixed combustion appliance, such as a gas and oil boilers, as well as solid fuel burning appliances.
  • Once a landlord has been informed that a carbon monoxide alarm is faulty, they will be legally required to repair or replace the unit “as soon as reasonably practicable”

Please note that kitchens with a gas oven or hob, do not need a carbon monoxide alarm (unless the gas boiler is also situated in the kitchen).   However, as belt a braces and in light of the HHSRS legislation (Housing Health and Safety Rating System), it might still be wise to install a carbon monoxide alarm in the kitchen in these circumstances.

We would suggest that as a landlord, you test your tenants smoke and carbon monoxide units at every periodic inspection. Also remind your tenants of their obligations:

Tenant Obligations

  • To not remove, or cover the units
  • To regularly test the units
  • To replace batteries where required
  • To report any faults to you as soon as they are aware of them

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