to 6 of the 12 most affordable streets in Hayle

4 to 6 of the top 12 most affordable streets in Hayle

Please read on to find out what are numbers 4 to 6 of the top 12 most affordable streets in Hayle ….

4th Most Affordable Street In Hayle

Higher Church Street – TR27 4LR

There are 24 properties in this Street, with the majority being 2 and 3 bedroom terrace houses.

A typical Higher Church Street property

The estimated average market price for properties in Higher Church Street is £161,100. The most recent property sale was in 2017 for a 3 bedroom terrace house which sold for £177,500.    Just 4 properties have been sold over the past 10 years and the most expensive was for £177,500.

Higher Church Street living room
Higher Church Street Gardens

As you’ll see from the pictures above, higher church street properties tend to have well-proportioned rooms, with large gardens, making them excellent for small families and rental investors.

5th Most Affordable Street

Chy Kensa Close – TR27 4RR

Chy Kensa Houses

The estimated average market price for this close is £163,000.  Chy Kensa is a small cul de sac with 20 properties of mainly 2 and 3 bedroom houses. The latest sale was in December 2019 for £142,000 and the most expensive sale was for £172,000.

A Chy Kensa Living room
A Chy Kensa Kitchen

Above you’ll see a couple of pictures of a 2 bedroom Chy Kensa property that was sold in 2019 for £150,000.

Properties in Chy Kensa Close have double glazing and gas central heating, which makes them a popular choice for first time buyers, or anyone who doesn’t want costly renovations. They would also be an interesting option for an investor looking for a low maintenance rental property.

6th Most Affordable Street

Beatrice Terrace – TR27 4ED

Beatrice Terrace has 24 properties, which are all 3 and 4 bedroom Victorian bay fronted terrace houses, overlooking Hayle park. The latest sale where stats are available was in 2018, and the property sold for £175,500. The most expensive property to sell in Beatrice Terrace in the past few years was for £200,000. 

Here’s a couple of photos of a typical Beatrice Terrace property.

A garden in Beatrice Terrace
The views from Beatrice Terrace over Hayle Park

The reason such large period properties are at the lower end of Hayle property prices, is that some (although not all) have a varying degree of mundic, which means that they often need to be cash purchases only.

Properties in Beatice Terrace would be good for property investors/developers and because of their size, they would also convert well to flats.

Future articles

I was hoping to show you some great bargains in these three streets for sale but unfortunately there are none available currently. However, please keep any eye on this site for any property investment opportunities I highlight in the future.

Next week I’ll be reviewing numbers 7-9 of my top twelve most affordable streets in Hayle.

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*based on TR27 4 postcodes only.  I’ll cover the villages in separate articles, because they’re all quite unique in themselves.

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  1. How much deposit is needed for a £200k house in Hayle? And how much would any extra fees be, roughly. Solicitors etc

    1. Hi G Baron
      I’m sorry I don’t have the answers to your question. I just write about the local property market in general from the perspective of landlords, investors and tenants. For any questions mortgage related you’d need to speak with a mortgage specialist.
      Sorry I can’t help you this time.

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