10 top tips for furnishing a residential let

10 top tips for furnishing a residential let

As a landlord, its often hard to think about what furnishings and décor you should and should not include in your rental property.  So here’s my quick top 10 tips for furnishing a residential let. The Do’s, The Don’ts and The Maybe’s!


Keep it neutral

1. Make sure walls are painted white or magnolia at the start of the tenancy.

2. Provide good quality underlay for carpets. Its amazing how much longer even a cheaper carpet will last with decent underlay. Carpets should also be clean, neutral and hard wearing.

3. Provide lightshades, window blinds (preferably roller) and working, low energy bulbs.

4. Install low maintenance, hard flooring in kitchens and bathrooms.

5. Provide good quality heating.  Not just from a regulation point of view but if you want tenants to stay long term, good, affordable heating is a necessity.


Who ever decided carpet in a bathroom was a good idea?

6. Put carpet in kitchens or bathrooms….. my pet hate!

7. Personalise any walls with your favourite colours. Please keep it neutral.

8. Leave any personal effects at the property.  You might be going travelling for a couple of years and think that leaving things in a locked cupboard is a good idea but for a whole host of reasons this is a bad idea.  Pay for separate storage if you have to.


White goods can be a nice touch.

9. Soft furnishings – sofas, beds etc… these can be provided but we’d advise against them. If you do provide them, be sure they are compliant to the extremely strict fire safety regulations.  

10. Provide white goods – you have a few options here and this is very much down to personal choice, the type of property you have and tenant you’re looking for.


Whilst not quite furnishings, you might want to consider garden tools.  If you want your tenants to keep on top of your garden, then providing them with the tools to do so would be a nice touch.

Have I missed anything from my 10 top tips for furnishing a residential let?

As a tenant what furnishings would you have liked, or wished your landlord hadn’t left at the start of your tenancy?

As a landlord, have you got other suggestions that have worked for you and your tenants?

Please get in touch either by commenting below or by contacting us directly.

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